DIY HEAUX HEAUX HEAUX! Holiday Sharpie Mug | Video Tutorial

Let's deck the friggin hallz, brah. Transform that cup of burnt office coffee into a merry n' bright holiday experience with this DIY sharpie mug. Only Louisiana folk and the one other urban youth at your job will get the joke, but it's so worth it! 

You technically only need two items - a mug and a sharpie - but below I have some tips to ensure the mug will last for many uses and washes to come. Watch my quick video tutorial first, and then scroll on down for the shopping list. Enjoy! 


Mug - go to the Dollar store. Cheaper the better - the glaze on the ceramic will be crap, so when you bake the sharpie into the mug, it will stay put. STAY AWAY FROM NATE BERKUS MUGS OKAY DON'T GO TO TARGET I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES

Oil-based Paint Sharpies - this ain't your regular permanent marker. I had to go to a craft store to find 'em and they are about $18 for a pack or $3 for one marker. But again, if you're going to take the time to draw on a cup, might as well make it count. These won't rub off with water & soap! 

Stencils (optional) - Don't be fooled by Pinterest pics of perfect cursive font sweeping across the elegant dinnerware. "Mr. & Mrs." ... "He Loves Coffee...She Loves Tea..." Listen - we are regular people with regular handwriting who can't color inside the lines...or even draw straight ones for that matter. I found stencils at the same craft store for $4.99. Some tutorials use stickers, but those are disposable and a waste of guap in my opinion. Stencils are forever. o__O


  1. Wash the cup with soap & warm water (I mean, what else would you wash it with but you never know) Dry thoroughly. 
  2. Decide on your desired placement and use the stencil to outline HEAUX HEAUX HEAUX 
  3. Color in the words if you want. Clean up any mistakes immediately with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. 
  4. Place in a cold oven. Do not preheat your oven. 
  5. Turn on the oven and bake for 30 minutes at 425 Fahrenheit
  6. Remove (don't forget to wear mitts!) and let cool

THAT'S IT! Your beverage consumption vessel is a little silly and a lot festive. Happy Holidays! 

Do-It-Yourself Natural Perfume Oil | Video Tutorial

One fateful Friday evening, I blacked out and ended up at Urban Outfitters. I don't even shop at UO (the cool kidz call it UO), but in a fit of boredom and thirst for retail therapy, I entered the hippity happenin place and made a beeline for the stuff I can afford - the beauty products ($4 nail polish make me holla heyyyy). 

UO perfume oil inspiration

I picked this perfume oil up...and put it back down so fast girl... I know I'm not the only one who has to assess a purchase once it hits that $10 mark, like, do I really want this or nah? After a quick look at the ingredients label, I decided that $18 for fragrance, coconut, apricot, and sweet almond oil was too rich for my blood. DIS CAN BE A DIY! 

A few Etsy purchases, WholeFoods visits, and Vitacost orders later, I made my own! I will provide a comprehensive shopping list below, but all you'll need is your favorite essential oils, carrier oils like sweet almond or apricot seed oil, and dried flowers. The initial investment is way more expensive than the initial $18. But in the end, I can make a crap ton (real unit of measurement) of perfume oils and use the same ingredients for my DIY air freshener and such. 

So far, I have two fragrances: Calming Creamsicle and Bearded Bae (teehee). Calming Creamsicle smells like an overpriced artisan orange popsicle and Bearded Bae smells like these guys. Yes Lordt. 

I'll keep experimenting with essential oil combos, but I wanted to share my recipe with you. It's all natural, customizable, and makes a great gift. Nothing says I Like You And Probably Want To Smell Yo Neck like a good perfume. amiright?

Watch the complete video tutorial for my perfume oil below:  

Shout out to Cristina for helping me film this video! She makes things cute for a living. 


Calming Creamsicle Fragrance:
Vanilla EO (diluted in jojoba oil because pure vanilla is like...mad esspensive. Still an $$ item)
Roman Chamomile EO
Sweet Orange EO

Bearded Bae Fragrance:
Sandalwood EO (also diluted in jojoba oil because the pure stuff is $$$$$$. Still pricy though)
Bergamot EO
Lime EO

Carrier Oils:
Sweet Almond Oil
Apricot Seet Oil
Note: Do not use extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Those oils have a distinct fragrance (and taste...) and will alter how your fragrance oil smells. 

I purchased rose petals, orchids, and yellow hibiscus from this Etsy shop:
I cannot find those flowers in Layla's store anymore, so here's the general search page:
My flowers came in a huge zip loc bag and I will be using them for future DIY projects - I literally only used 4 petals per fragrance. 

10ML roll-on bottle (gold lid. oooOOoo luxe.)
1 FL. OZ (30 ML) roll-on bottle (I bought mine from the same Etsy shop as the 10 ML, but they are sold out.)

That's it! If you have any questions, let me know. Get yo DIY on, sis.