This is a thing now, so...

I've inhabited and invaded spaces on the Internet since I was a clean 10 years old (a/s/l, anyone?), but I've struggled to keep up with a blog. I can do the nae nae down your Tumblr dashboard, I can live-tweet Scandal just like yo auntie do. I've even managed to maintain a Youtube channel for a handful of years. 

What is it about creating constructive, productive, written work that makes my commitment issues flare up? 

The Post College Life was my way of coping with college graduation and subsequent unemployment. I documented my "year off", interviewed my peers in the higher education struggle, and scored a freelance blogging gig out of it. People actually read that blog, mayne. If you're one of them, thank you. Sorry I haven't touched that site in a year. is my resume. It's ugly, fam. But listen, I have a job now, so I'm complacent. Just confirming my identity because if you're like me, you google everyone. Yes, that's ya girl. 

There are other Wordpress, Blogger, and Xanga skeletons in my closet. YOU HEARD ME!! Xanga But we're off that now. Seventy fifth time's a charm.

Welcome to Evelyn From The Internets: The Blog. 

Oh God.